“Don’t stop and talk to him unless you plan on spending the rest of your day hearing about his magical mushrooms.”

A poor soul who spent his entire day listening to Ruul

Ruul is a middle-aged male halfling druid with long brown hair that covers most of his eyes. He wears a humorously oversized cloak that he often trips over while walking, and he has a noticeable odor if you get close to him. He is very energetic and talks so quickly that it’s hard to understand everything he says. He is friendly to everyone and does not seem to be deterred by anyone’s negativity. He eagerly attempts to sell magical mushrooms to anyone who will listen to him, but he has no idea what effect the mushrooms have.

  • Strength: 11
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Constitution: 11
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Wisdom: 9
  • Charisma: 13