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Trapped With the Unknown — May 22, 2019

Trapped With the Unknown

The party stumbles upon an abandoned necromancer’s lair. If they choose to enter, they encounter a variety of gruesome sights such as mangled, decomposing corpses strewn about the place. When they try to leave, they realize that the entrance was under the effect of some sort of magic, and now is unable to open even with extreme force. Suddenly, strange noises can be heard echoing from somewhere else in the lair.

Gust — May 17, 2019


“If you want to get your hands on something that you probably shouldn’t, Gust will find a way to make sure you get it, no matter how difficult it is.”

One of Gust’s frequent employers

Gust is a young male kenku smuggler with pitch black feathers. He wears a loose-fitting darkly-colored cloak that shrouds most of his face. He is difficult to find during the day since that’s when he is usually sleeping or planning how to smuggle his next item to its prospective buyer. At night, he can be found lurking around cities and darting between dark corridors. He is exceptionally nimble and crafty from spending nearly his entire life smuggling illegal goods into the hands of those who have the gold to pay for them. Despite his criminal appearance, he has compassion for the poor and tries to help them whenever possible.

  • Strength: 9
  • Dexterity: 16
  • Constitution: 9
  • Intelligence: 12
  • Wisdom: 14
  • Charisma: 11
Double Trouble — April 30, 2019
Orb of Darkness — March 23, 2019

Orb of Darkness

A smooth black orb that does not reflect any light whatsoever.

Wondrous Item, Uncommon

Any light within 25 feet of the orb is sucked into the orb and destroyed, thus rendering the area around the orb in complete darkness. No light will function within this range and all vision (including darkvision) is rendered useless.

Isolde — March 6, 2019


“When I need someone to disappear, I always call Isolde. I don’t know how she does it, and quite frankly I don’t want to know. I just know that when I hire her the deed is as good as done.”

One of Isolde’s many employers

Isolde is an old female half-elf assassin with neatly-cropped gray hair. She wears well-fitted clothing that is colored with various shades of brown and black. She looks strangely fit for someone as old as she is, and that’s because she is secretly a skilled assassin. She pretends to be a frail old woman to avoid suspicion, but she is actually a very capable killer. Her hand-to-hand combat skills are astoundingly swift and precise. If watched closely, she can occasionally be seen using thieves’ cant during her conversations.

  • Strength: 10
  • Dexterity: 16
  • Constitution: 9
  • Intelligence: 12
  • Wisdom: 13
  • Charisma: 12
Giant Trouble — February 25, 2019

Giant Trouble

An angry hill giant claims the party stole his special rock and he demands that they return it immediately. The real thief is another hill giant who thought the rock looked neat and took it for himself.

Drunken Warning — February 20, 2019

Drunken Warning

An unconscious drunkard who is passed out in a bush begins whispering strange omens to the party as they walk past. Upon further inspection it appears that he is simply talking in his sleep, but the next day his omens begin to come true.