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Premade campaign elements for DMs

Trapped With the Unknown — May 22, 2019

Trapped With the Unknown

The party stumbles upon an abandoned necromancer’s lair. If they choose to enter, they encounter a variety of gruesome sights such as mangled, decomposing corpses strewn about the place. When they try to leave, they realize that the entrance was under the effect of some sort of magic, and now is unable to open even with extreme force. Suddenly, strange noises can be heard echoing from somewhere else in the lair.

Double Trouble — April 30, 2019
Giant Trouble — February 25, 2019

Giant Trouble

An angry hill giant claims the party stole his special rock and he demands that they return it immediately. The real thief is another hill giant who thought the rock looked neat and took it for himself.

Drunken Warning — February 20, 2019

Drunken Warning

An unconscious drunkard who is passed out in a bush begins whispering strange omens to the party as they walk past. Upon further inspection it appears that he is simply talking in his sleep, but the next day his omens begin to come true.

The Corrupted Tree — February 11, 2019

The Corrupted Tree

A massive ancient tree that houses thousands of elves is beginning to slowly decay after a hooded figure was spotted pouring a magical substance on the roots a few nights ago. The elves have been unable to figure out how to save the tree and are calling on the help of anyone who can help.

Dark Warning — February 6, 2019

Dark Warning

A deranged tabaxi stumbles into town and begins shouting incoherently about some impending doom. The townspeople laugh at his message, but the next day a massive dark cloud begins to appear over the horizon.

Divine Heat — February 4, 2019