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Premade campaign elements for DMs

Captivity — February 3, 2019


A woman approaches the party and frantically pleads for help. She says that she managed to escape from the captivity of a necromancer who is practicing his magic on live victims, but there are more people to be saved.

The Mischievous Bug — January 28, 2019

The Mischievous Bug

One of the royal guards falls dead in front of the party and they see a tiny mechanical bug crawl out of his mouth afterwards. They watch the bug quickly scurry to the hand of a hooded figure who gives them a nod before taking off.

Untold Treasure — January 24, 2019

Untold Treasure

A strange old man approaches the party and hands them a treasure map that shows the location of a nearby treasure. Immediately after handing over the treasure map he fades into the wind without muttering a word.

Whispers from the Well — January 23, 2019
Crafting Sabotage — January 21, 2019
The Cursed Text — January 16, 2019
Rogue Contraption — January 15, 2019